Setup Office 365 email address on Android

Setup Office 365 email address on Android

If you need to add a new Office 365 email account to Outlook, the following guide will step you through the process

Please note that the email account will need to be setup prior to following this guide. If the email account hasn’t been setup, you can fill out this form and we will set it up for you.

  1. First open the Google Play Store app

  3. Search for the Outlook app and download

  5. Open the Outlook app

  7. Now enter the details of your email account you would like to add

  9. That’s it! you have successfully added your Office 365 email account to your phone. JMR.IT strongly encourages the use of the Microsoft Outlook app due to its performance, security and ease of use. If you would like to setup Multifactor Authentication, also known as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) the Microsoft Authenticator App works extremely well with Outlook on Android and iPhone. Just let us know, we can set this up for your accounts and send a guide for the users to follow.


    If it’s extremely important to use the inbuilt Android mail app, the settings for Office 365 are the following

    • •Tap into settings (usual a cog icon)
    • •Find Accounts (Under general)
    • •Add account +
    • •Outlook or Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync)
    • •Domain\username is the email address eg.
    • •Enter your Office 365 Password
    • •Exchange server:
    • •Use secure connection (SSL)
    • •Continue, next and activate
    • Each Android phone can differ, however you can follow these directions