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In an increasingly complex IT world, regular reviews of your network environment, security protection and procedures are recommended.

Whether your servers and critical applications are on or off-site, there are a few basic principles that can be followed to minimise the chances of interruption to your operations.

  • Ensure complex password policies are enforced, with regular changes
  • Ensure remote access is locked down to allowed IP addresses, or secure VPN's are employed
  • Enable two-factor authentication where available
  • Ensure wireless networks are secure, and segregated from the production network
  • Ensure an up-to-date Anti-Virus is installed, and ideally monitored
  • Ensure internet access is secured via a suitable enterprise grade firewall / unified threat gateway
  • Remove or upgrade any legacy devices from your network
  • Familiarize yourself with the delivery techniques and appearance of Ransomware threats


JMR.IT can perform on or off-site security reviews to establish a current-state report of your environment. From here we can highlight risks and design a road-map to resolution.
We can also work with third party providers to perform more in-depth penetration testing of your network from third-party unauthenticated sources.

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