Multifactor Authentication Setup Guide

Multifactor Authentication Setup Guide

If you need help setting up Multifactor Authentication for your Office 365 Account – This guide will walk you through the process

Please note: Multifactor will need to be enabled on your account before proceeding. Let us know before continuing so we can do this for you

  1. First close down Outlook completely and login to the Office 365 Portal using your email credentials

  3. You will now be prompted with a similar dialog box, click next



  5. Now change ‘Authentication phone’ to Mobile app.

     Choose the option you prefer for ‘How do you want to use the mobile app?’.

    •  •Choose “Receive notifications for verification” if you prefer a push message to your phone each time you sign in
    •  •Choose “Use verification code” to use the code within the app each time you sign in


    Click ‘Set up’


  6. On your mobile device, go to the app store and Download ‘Microsoft Authenticator’

  8. Next open the Authenticator app and click ‘Add account’



  10. Now choose ‘Work or school account’



  12. You will now receive a prompt to allow access to the camera and other features, select yes and the camera will open.

    Now scan the QR Code that is displayed on your computer screen. If you do not see this, you need to press ‘Set up’ on your browser after choosing the Mobile app as the contact method


  14. Once that has scanned successfully you can press next. Add your mobile number in case you don’t have access to the app and press next again



  16. Now open Outlook on your computer. When prompted for a password, depending on how your tenant is setup, you may need to paste this secure ‘app’ password. If your normal password isn’t accepted, try the app password. You only need to do this once if you select ‘remember this password’, however you should safely record this for future reference.



Congratulations! You’ve now successfully setup Multifactor Authentication