How to Perform a Full Backup Of Your cPanel Website

How to Perform a Full Backup Of Your cPanel Website

If you are planning on updating your website and/or plugins or installing new plugins, or even just general maintenance of the site, it is important to make a backup prior to making any changes.

If you are not familiar with the maintenance of the website and are unsure of how to fix issues that can occur as a result of the updates then it is a good idea to get your I.T. administrators to carry out the maintenance. If you wish to do this yourself then we have a simple guide here that you can follow.

To perform a full website backup

  1. Go to
  3. Login with the credentials supplied to you
  5. You will now be at the cPanel dashboard
  7. Click on ‘Backup’

  9. Click on ‘Download a Full Website Backup’

  11. Enter the email address that you would like the notification to go to upon completion of the backup.

    Note: This email will not contain the backup file but rather just notify you that the backup is complete.

  13. Wait for the notification. Refresh the backup page and you will notice there is a new backup. Click on the backup link to download to local storage for safe keeping. The backup will also stay within the website files.

  14. You can now proceed with website maintenance.