Disaster Recovery

Backups are great, but

Have you tested them?

Downtime is one of the biggest killers of small business

Far too frequently we encounter businesses that only test their backups when something dies. Having a disaster recovery plan in place allows the peace of mind needed to recover in a predictable time-frame from partial or complete outages.

Fixed Fee, Disaster Recovery Testing

JMR.IT offers a fixed fee for SME’s with under 5 servers. We can perform disaster recovery simulations, and issue a scorecard detailing results of recovery times and and issues experienced issues.
Suggestions for further improvements will be suggested if the business requires faster recovery from failures.


We begin with a discovery, which involves mapping your environment, it’s critical devices and the backup processes and schedules.

Backup Testing

Backups are in place, we ensure they’re running with appropriate notifications on failure, with suitable retention and replication settings.

Recovery Simulation

Backups are tested, restores are performed. On-site and Off-site recovery sources tested.

HSR and Offsite

Resources permitting, we’ll configure Headstart Restores to allow quicker recovery, as well as off-site backup (connection permitting).

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