About Us

Who are we & What do we do?

JMR IT is the result of frustration in the level of personal service in the IT industry. We strive to maintain personal connections with clients through whichever means possible. Whether follow-up phone calls, golf, tennis or even surfing. Our aim is to ensure totally tailored service, which is facilitated through a personal knowledge of our clients' requirements. If that means we need to surf with them three times a week, we will step up to the plate.

Joshua Ryan

Company Director

Josh has been passionately involved in the IT sector for over 12 Years. After delving into self employment in 2006 and establishing a loyal client base, JMR.IT was established in 2012. Today, we service over 200 businesses around South East Queensland.

Our Values

In the interests of providing a competitive advantage to our clients, our focus points are listed below.


We love the latest and greatest, and our clients recieve the same. Forever renewing our hardware and software, we endeavour to maintain the highest level of quality.


We simply cannot compete with the size of some overseas competitors, therefore our point of difference is performance. We employ the fastest equipment, in datacentres down the road, on the latest software.


If it's down, we are stressing. Our goal is four nines, that is 99.99% uptime, or your money cheerfully refunded.


With our obsession with the latest and greatest technologies comes an ability to implement the latest and greatest features. If it's not available, we'll track it down for you.


We strive to provide value for money while achieving a high level of performance. As soon as this is not the case, we are redundant.


We love you guys - security is important to us. We maintain the industry standards, plus some. If you have specific requirements, we can meet those too.

Our Location (by Appointment)