What is ATP and why should you care?

If you haven’t heard a horror story relating to identity theft or similar, I’m not sure which era you’ve been living in. More and more people are trusting their data to cloud service providers of various flavors – and why wouldn’t you? They provide amazing value and extremely high levels of up-time. The only issue is that should someone gain access to your email / […]

27Aug, 2018

Bridge to Brisbane 2018

On Sunday, we had an amazing crew of 10 completed the Bridge to Brisbane. Big thanks to everyone who donated to our page raising funds for Stillbirth Foundation Australia. With your help we’ve raised over $21,000 which will go directly towards an awareness campaign video we hope you’ll see in the coming months. We’ve registered another team for the Twilight Bay Half Marathon on the […]

23Aug, 2018

Tesla Model 3 – in Brisbane!

This morning, current owners had an opportunity to preview a (left hand drive) top of the line, dual-motor, performance + long range version of the long awaited Tesla Model 3. Plagued with production issues (mainly relating to quantity projects) the Model 3 represents the more affordable baby brother to the industry changing Model S. Taking design hints from the S, the Model 3 is still […]

12Aug, 2018

What is the ultimate work-from-anywhere device?

In this modern age of busy lifestyles and constant communication – weekend getaways can provide a much needed escape for many of us. Sometimes, for those of us who are fortunate enough, these weekends can sometimes be extended by a day or two. Or with the assistance of an Ekka Holiday mid-week, a birthday coming up, and an amazing wife – even more! Inevitably though, […]